Microsoft 365 Business: Security​

Protect your business against cyber threats and information loss

Threat landscape for small businesses​

0 %

of cyberattacks target small businesses

0 K

devices are compromised by ransomware every month

0 %

of small businesses close their doors after a cyberattack

$ 800 K

is the average cyberattack remediation cost for small businesses

Why are attacks so successful?

It only takes hackers 4 minutes to get in your network, but 99+ days for businesses to discover they’ve been breached. ​

of users open emails from attackers, 10% click on attachments or links
of passwords are weak, default, or stolen
of users accidentally share information

Where are the biggest security pains for small businesses? ​


Subpar antivirus and antispam don’t ​catch attacks​

Users click on ransomware and ​phishing links​

Accidentally send confidential data


One extreme: Prohibit use because of security concerns​

Or the other: Don’t provide any protection for data on devices

User credentials

Users have same passwords across all accounts, increasing risk if compromised​

Attackers have sophisticated methods ​to easily steal credentials


Standards don’t change based on company size​

Requirements for GDPR and other regulations are rigorous and complex

Why don’t small businesses have the security they need? ​

Common misconceptions about small businesses contribute to the problem. ​

While SMBs may not have in-house IT departments, that doesn’t mean they can’t implement comprehensive security. Technology and services can radically reduce complexity while also providing strong protection. 

SMBs typically spend about 15% of their budget on security or $1,320/user annually. To increase protection, you don’t need to necessarily increase IT spend – just adjust how you are spending your dollars. 

Small businesses that deal with customer information – whether they are retail, financial, health care, or food services – have the same accountability to secure data as big enterprises, so they need enterprise-level protections. 

Microsoft 365 Business​

Business savvy way to reduce risk


One solution

Cloud platform simplifies deployment

Reduces costs

Eliminates costs for multiple third-party vendor solutions

Reduces maintenance and management costs

Aligns with business goals

Security built into your productivity platform

Don’t need to make trade-offs to justify security investment

Protect business against risk-related costs 

Microsoft 365 Business security benefits​

Safeguard your business against external threats and leaks​

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